Accelerate Naïve & Engineered Exosome Development through Advanced Purification, Biology & Production Consistency for Translation to Clinical Success & GMP Compliant Scalability

Welcome to the 6th Exosome-Based Therapeutic Development Summit

Now more than ever, exosome and EV therapies are on the verge of groundbreaking clinical and commercial breakthroughs. With recent milestones like Aegle Therapeutics' clinical advances, Kimera Labs' FDA approval, Capricor Therapeutics' collaboration on a COVID vaccine with the NIH, and NurExone Biologics' innovations in CNS treatments, this summit is a must-attend event. Join us at the 6th Exosome-Based Therapeutics Development Summit in September to delve into groundbreaking advancements, access exclusive clinical data, and forge pivotal partnerships to define the future of exosome drug development. 

Spanning the complete development cycle of exosome therapeutics from discovery through IND filing, our summit uniquely integrates cutting-edge research with practical commercialization strategies. It stands as the sole industry meeting that bridges the gap between science and business, propelling clinical advancements. 

Don't miss the chance to connect with over 150 of the industry’s leading experts in exosome therapeutics, gain invaluable insights, and place your work at the forefront of pharmaceutical innovation. Join us at the 6th Exosome-Based Therapeutics Development Summit and contribute to the evolving landscape of advanced extracellular vesicle drug development.

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