About the 5th Exosome Based Therapeutic Development Summit!

2023 was an exciting year for the field with continued growth and recognition of the huge potential of the therapeutic and delivery power of exosomes and extracellular vesicles. With clinical advances, new players entering the space, and large pharma collaborations now is the time to get up to speed with this emerging field and potentially find a new drug delivery vehicle for your mRNA, siRNA plus many other therapeutic cargos.

125+ of your peers joined us from a growing landscape covering all stages of R&D, including Discovery, Preclinical, Clinical, Manufacturing, and Analytics. Don’t miss out on joining the industry leaders in 2024 to benchmark your progress, hear data-driven case studies, and take advantage of the networking opportunities throughout the 3 days to fast-track exosome therapeutics and delivery through to commercialization.

Acknowledging your feedback in 2022 researching with industry leaders, the 2023 conference covered:


Emerging standardized analytical strategies for optimized characterization, purification, and isolation to improve batch consistency and reproducibility towards successful scale-up. With insights from Rion, Astellas, OmniSpirant & Capricor Therapeutics


Key pre-clinical and clinical updates across a range of therapeutic areas, including the therapeutic potential of engineered exosomes in colorectal cancer and CNS disorders as well as novel exosome- based therapies for treating acute organ failures to address complex diseases with ShiftBio, EV Therapeutics & NurExone Biologic


The latest advancements of targeted delivery and therapeutic payloads by optimizing exosome loading for robust functional delivery, including the utilization of NK and stem-cell derived exosomes for the treatment of osteoarthritis and COVID-19 with StemXO, Cells for Cells & Capricor Therapeutics


The challenges of large-scale manufacturing by evaluating platform design and process development to ensure scalability for success in the clinic and towards commercialization with ExoBiologics, OrganiCell & Agele Therapeutics


Navigating the complex regulatory landscape across the drug development timeline to gain IND approval and advance into the clinic with insights from VivaZome Therapeutics, EV Therapeutics & The American College of Regenerative Medicine