Partnership Opportunities

Are you committed to contributing to the world of Exosome Based Therapeutic Development?

The field of exosome therapeutics is maturing rapidly and biotech companies around the world are racing to make exosomes a clinical reality, both for drug delivery and as therapeutics.

To achieve this, they need support in characterization, isolation, purification, sourcing, manufacturing, preclinical, and contract research.

This is your opportunity to communicate exciting progress to the decision-makers in the field, generate leads, and understand what tools and services the market wants and needs. You can rely on our ability to advise and deliver the right opportunities for you.

Why Partner With Us?


Benefit from Market Intelligence

Hear how and where pharmaceutical companies are looking for services and solutions to facilitate their R&D to match your solutions accordingly

Meet & Network In-Person with Industry Pioneers 

With a room full of drug developers, meet prospective clients during structured speed networking breaks and informal networking receptions to fuel commercial opportunities

Position Yourself as an Industry Expert

With a fast-growing landscape of EV- based biotech companies, this meeting is a dedicated platform to put your independent expertise in front of the key decision makers in the field

Raise Brand Awareness & Generate Commercial Collaborations

Benefit from pre and post-conference exposure to our key opinion leaders and make sure you connect with your hottest prospects

Who Will You Meet?

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